Gaming Journal: Season 2 Week 13 (Now With Blocks)

This week Ranzak got to do some fighting and Mom saw the world in cubes…


Gaming Journal: Week 34 (Creeper Backpack Adoption)

This week, mom is playing games while camping. You get to see this review I had a super-fun-time making with my family instead of games. The article previously ran on GeekMom August 21, 2014.   (Adoption cost through ThinkGeek is $39.99) GeekMom received a review sample for the purpose of this review.

10 Things You Should Know About Minecraft

Now that there have been a couple more updates I kind of want to play some more. I always seem to forget where my house is located so the new maps feature will help out a TON.   V I Post and Mom playing Minecraft together. by V I Post Minecraft is a collaborative creative…