Gaming Journal: Season 2 Week 13 (Now With Blocks)

This week Ranzak got to do some fighting in cards and RPG and Mom saw the world in cubes…

First, Ranzak had some fun on Minecraft Monday:

Of course, these are just the highlights. The entire story is over on Storify.


Mom, Dad, and Daughter all Minecrafting it up together. Image Cathe Post

My daughter received a PC copy of Minecraft for her 9th birthday. She had been previously playing the Pocket Edition. With the PC version, dad set up a server so her friends can play with her (pre-screened friends who we approve as not being jerks). Here is a picture from our first days of adventure playing Minecraft with our daughter (“vanilla” as the cool kids call it – survival mode with no mods)

Editors Note: My son was not left out of this. He decided he was ready to play on the tablet – even wanted to play in survival mode. He’s done really well.

Ranzak recovered from Pathfinder Monday to join Ming-Na and Monsta for some stormy sailing and water finding on a ghoul and grindylow infested island.

Here are the highlights from Twitter. You can experience what our party did by listening to the audio cast.

*Ghoul. Auto-correct casualty.

Our cats were all going fairly crazy during our game session. They can probably be heard in the recording.

The son of Queen Grumpy Fish. Is he a Shark-topus or an Octo-Shark?



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