Gaming Journal: Season 2 Week 12 (Now With Ranzak and GameStorm)

This week Mom got in her Ranzak fix and did her annual GameStorm/Kickstarter routine.

Pathfinder Monday (#PathfinderMonday) was interesting as always. No Storify on this one, the site played an extended April Fools joke on me.

Helpful comments from my peanut gallery:

Followed by:

Pathfinder Monday was a one-scenario-day. Most of the group was preparing for GameStorm 17. My family was eager to attend for many reasons. Due to other family commitments, we were unable to attend for as long as we had hoped, but next year…next year will be different. What little time we were able to spend at the convention this year was filled with games, great people, and some weird drug that made me come home and back two games on Kickstarter.

Not only does he have them, he has mastered them. At 5-years-old, MVP kicked my geeky booty at this game.

Oh ya, and at this game, too.

Too bad this game, Pitch Car, is so expensive.

My husband accidentally got me interested in Magic the Gathering…again. The new set has dragons…I’m a fan.

Not pictured: Color your own dice.

Another game my son played, though he did get overwhelmed by this one. It was still one of two games I backed on Kickstarter (the other is Valeria Card Kingdoms).

*Samurai (Auto correct, on a phone, with no reception, in a hurry, yada yada yada)

Can’t wait for next year! No family commitments! MVP will be reading a little so he will enjoy more games. VIP will be old enough to play what she wants without having a parent RIGHT THERE. Dad and I can pretty much relax and enjoy the festivities.


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