Gaming Journal: Season 2 Week 10 (Now With All of the Skulls and Shackles)

This week, mom played Skull and Shackles RPG and ACG. BOTH. All of the pirates! All of the time!


The final battle of our evening. Will our crew have to continue to work under the thumbs of Plugg and Scourge? Image: Cathe Post


We start with the live tweeting of the RPG (where we are going through the storyline of Skull and Shackles using Dungeons and Dragons 5e rules and character builds). If you want the highlights and pictures from this evening of gaming, check out the pictures on Storify. If you want to experience all of the fights, quips, and singing; check out the audio recording in these conveniently cut parts: Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.03.43 AM

How would you like to have this guy for dinner while enjoying Shore Leave? Image: Cathe Post


The Pathfinder ACG group was successful in getting some R&R while on Shore Leave at Port Peril (click for the Twitter pictures and highlights).


And then there is the App update:

Do you have any ideas for handheld games? Let me know!


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