Gaming Journal: Season 2 Week 4 (Now with Apps)

Pathfinder Monday

Pathfinder: 2015 tally 3. photo: Cathe Post


First off, there was Pathfinder Monday this week. We completed the scenario “Rickety’s Squibs” with gusto.

It was a very long, stressful week at our house. I am glad it is over. There was a lot of app playing to de-stress, and I think I have found my golden go-to bunch for screen-tapping goodness:


Spellfall: Switch positions of symbols on the board to match 3, 4, or 5 in a row to defeat your enemy. I *almost got rid of this game because it feels like you need to purchase items with real money to move through at a nice speed. But, if you play daily, some nice things can be earned without spending any money.


Candy Crush: Soda Saga. Yet another match-’em-up game. (You will see a pattern here.) Since there are plenty of people I know who play this game, I don’t feel the need to purchase anything with real money. Plus, if I haven’t passed a level after 5 attempts, I am READY to give it a break.


Puzzles and Dragons: After trying Battle Camp, I gave up and went back to this game. Your energy goes up as you level up, the special currency is easy to attain, and it is easy to play. Yes, it is another match-the-symbols game. But this one has monsters that you level up (much like Pokemon). Battle Camp was hard to play because of the necessity to know other people who play the game and in game purchases. Playing a game for 5 minutes before needing to pay money to move on is not something I will put up with in a game. There is no cute storyline in Puzzles and Dragons, but I really don’t need it for a tablet/puzzle game.



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