Gaming Journal: Week 39 (Here Lizard, Lizard, Lizard…)

This week, mom is cold blooded…for the purpose of playing Lizardmen at the OFCC. But, the week started with a little Pathfinder.


Who: Pathfinder Monday
What: Pathfinder
Why: Part way through the last adventure deck!
+5 to Overkill: It seems to be our thing: We save all of our buffs for the big boss and commit mass overkill. It’s great.


Why: Game one of OFCC
+5 to Sign Language: My sign language skills are rusty, but hey, they were enough for this opponent.

Warhammer g2 week 39

Why: Game two of OFCC
+5 to cute: This opponent didn’t like the models available for one of his monsters, so he found the cutest kitten he could at a craft store and made it into a sabertooth creature.


Why: Game three of OFCC
+5 to Exhaustion: By this point in the day, my opponent and I were so tired we were making silly mistakes. His elves were quite a bit of fun to play though.

Warhammer g4 week 39

Why: Game four of OFCC
+5 to Learn as we go: This opponent actually had less experience than me. I actually had a pretty good grasp of the rules for this game. He was super nice, and he’s local.


Why: Game five of OFCC
+5 to butt kicking: The only thing that kept me going here was one of my champions rolling sixes for 4 turns in a row. His champion should have ground me into fine lizard powder, but didn’t. He was playing chaos, similar to what Tim plays, and I very much got my little cold-blooded butt handed to me.


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