A Little Closer To Grown Up

The Tooth Fairy by VIP

The Tooth Fairy by VIP

VIP started orthodontics treatment this week. The fact she’s at the age where this starts reminds me she is getting older, but our conversation when we left has caused me to pause several times and think: My little girl is growing up.

Scheduler at dentist: Let’s schedule that (tooth extraction)

VIP: YAY! I love the chocolate flavored gas! Bring it on!

Me: It doesn’t hurt that the Tooth Fairy brings not only a monetary gift for teeth, but a little something extra when teeth are forcefully removed.

Scheduler at dentist: Wow. Nice tooth fairy.

VIP: Well, it’s you. Isn’t it Mom?

Me: …

VIP: You leave the stuff? Right?

Me (to scheduler): …and a little more of the child-like innocence is gone.

Change scene to car: We headed straight from ortho to store to start hunting for brother’s birthday gifts.

VIP: So, if you are the Tooth Fairy, that goes for the Easter Bunny, Cupid, and Santa too – huh?

Me:…ya. … Please don’t spoil it for your brother. Remember that as long as you keep up the spirit of it, you’ll keep getting gifts from those characters.

VIP: Don’t worry, I like it. I won’t screw it up. (grin)

VIP:…So, does that mean I can pick something when we go to the store to get on Monday night from the Tooth Fairy?

Me: Yes. Keep it under $10.

VIP: Sweet!


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