Gaming Journal: Week 32 (Getting Together After a Long Summer Break)

This week, mom is happy to finally get back to games.

It seems like an eternity since last getting together with BarnDog, Mittens, and the Monday Pathfinder group. It was nice to see them, even if there will still be another short break until school starts.


Week 32: Loonacy

Who?: BarnDog
What?: Loonacy
Why?: After long summer vacations, we were able to meet up our schedules.
+5 to CRAZY: It’s like speed with different pictures instead of suites. I was organized at the beginning of the game, but by the time others had gotten a bunch of cards down, and I had drawn a bunch of cards, I had no idea what to do. I lost concentration and gave up to watch the craziness of the other players.

Week 32: Nuts

Who?: BarnDog
What?: Nuts!
Why?: We were done with Loonacy
+5 to Stealing Others Nuts: ‘Cause stealing other squirrels nuts is fun…and brutal among adults…Also, we shut down the idea of playing Poo! to play this game – because we are all 12-years-old.


Week 32: D&D 5th ed.

Who?: Mittens
What?: D&D 5th ed.
Why?: It’s “new” and we haven’t played a campaign in a couple of years. This should prove to be beyond awesome.
+5 to old school: D&D 5th ed. is essentially D&D Next (if you followed any of the media coverage on that). Instead of making the game all about the skills, it’s about the story. I was going to type up a tumblr on the story, but on top of crocheting too, it just didn’t happen. As far as characters go, our DM (NOT my hubby for once) made our characters go with our personalities where building would allow. One character doesn’t do much talking (on purpose) and another is very celtic. There is a lot of racism between our characters. I’m a dwarf and pick on the elf. The Elf thinks the halfling and I look the same, and the halfling is annoyed by it all. All of this while fighting monsters in racially motivated home invasions (in other words, my cousin was kidnapped, so we followed the tracks into a cave and fought a bunch of bad guys to find him). The DM went at a good pace (considering there were 4 kids between 2-8 running around, patience is crucial in running a campaign and playing it) – so no complaints there. I like DMs like Mr. Mittens and my hubby because they do things for the sake of the story and fun instead of being rule hounds. Rules are meant to be bent or broken. I want to see where the story goes in the town the next time we play.


Week 32: 15" Zombie

Who?: Monday Group
What?: 15″ Zombie
Why?: Jonathan had backed it on Kickstarter and hadn’t played it yet.
+5 to adding another mini to the zombie horde: That cup is a mini-pint with drink markings for how big the zombie horde is getting. Every time someone uses a weapon that makes noise, another zombie is added. Every 30-60 seconds a growl sounds in the sound track signaling a zombie card needs to be drawn. At that point 1-4 zombies are added to the board or everything in the cup…at one point it was just ridiculous. We advanced through several scenarios before finally failing. The name is misleading. The scenarios are 15 minutes (timed by a soundtrack), setting up takes about 30 minutes so you are looking at 30-45 minutes for one part – not 15. Still fun? YES! Stressful? YES! Do kids ask questions RIGHT when you are actively taking your turn? (sigh) yes.


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