Gaming Journal: Week 31 (A Dry Spell)

This week, mom caught up on household chores and petted cats. The tumbleweed blew through the game room…

Well, I played a couple of video games for a very short time.

Week 31 Wolf Among Us

Who?: Tim and I
What?: Wolf Among Us 
Why: I forgot about it. I had played the first chapter and left it. Partially because there were other games to play, partially because I felt pressure to record the game play. 
+5 to awesomeness: This is a total “R” rated gore-and-profanity-fest and I LOVE IT!


Week 31 World of Warcraft

Who?: Tim and I
What?: WOW: Now with more pandas.
Why: We both reached level 85 and were wanting something…more…So, we used our leftover Chicago trip money to upgrade our WOW accounts to the Pandaria expansion.
+5 to originality: It’s really easy to tell what is part of the original game, and the newer areas/quests. The Pandaria quests are evenly divided between “Kill X of this” and “solve this puzzle” quests.



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