Gaming Journal: Week 30 (Chicago!)

This week, mom met gamers she has only ever met online and seen through Skype and Google Hangouts.

WOW. Just….wow. Some history: Tim and I gave up playing certain computer games when we had our first child. In the process, our circle of friends changed. We found ourselves needing to relieve some stress and not really able to leave the house to do it. Enter D&D and playing over Skype. The group originally was much bigger, but, this past week we took the plunge and went to Chicago to meet two of the couples we have spent so many hours battling with over the world wide web.

We basically had enough time to hug, exchange beers, go to the aquarium, eat at a nice restaurant, and collapse. But I am so glad we finally met these people whom we have gotten to know so well over the past few years.


Who?: Tim and I
What?: Fluxx Family!
Why?: We were stuck on a train waiting for freight trains to go by. 
+5 to roll: It has been at least two years since I have played Fluxx. Playing without kids and grandparents gave Tim an unfair advantage since he’s the youngest.


Who?: Tim and I
What?: Rummy
Why?: Still waiting on the freight train
+5 to roll: I kicked Tim’s hiny. It was nice to kick it old school with a standard deck of cards.


Who?: Tim and I
What?: Zombie Dice
Why?: #&!&($ing FREIGHT TRAIN!
+5 to roll: Slowest. Game. Ever. Then Tim rolled this. Ya. He lost…I think. I actually don’t remember. The game was just painfully slow.


Who?: Kate and James!!!! and Tim
What?: Cards Against Humanity
Why?: We were in Chicago, drinking beer, with friends and decided we should add being inappropriate to the list of things we were doing.
+5 to roll: I did eventually use all of these cards.


Who?: Kate and James!!!! and Tim
What?: Love Letter
Why?: Playing games with our FRIENDS in CHICAGO
+5 to roll: Poor James went to the ER the night we got there. He was miserable and in bed the entire weekend except for this time we played games. So glad he felt well enough to be social.


Who?: Kate and James!!!! and Tim
What?: We Didn’t Play Test This
Why?: Getting in as many small games as possible before passing out for the night…in CHICAGO.
+5 to roll: Such a goofy game. Made goofier by playing with someone on pain killers.



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