Gaming Journal: Week 27 (Half Way Through the Year)

Howdy, game lovers! I realized sometime around the 4th of July that this little journal has been going for over six months now! I’m so excited (and I just can’t hide it) to have a written record of all of the games I have played in the last six months. I also can’t wait to see what games are played in the following six months leading up to the holiday season.

This week I am doing something different. This new format may stick if time is a factor. I am doing this entire article from a tablet device. The pictures were taken on the tablet and then added to this article. I am still trying to figure out some of the tricks, but it works fairly well from what I can tell.

Also, as I play games through the week, I am posting about them on a new Tumblr. I am hoping using the Tumblr allows me to keep better track of the RPG story lines I have characters in. For right now, the Tumblr has been set up, but there aren’t any posts on it. The next couple of weeks may be dry in the gaming department as our schedules, and our gaming friends have summer vacation plans.

The game details should be available for each photo without having to click on them.


What?: Chez Geek
Who?: Mittens
Why?: Their game, they hadn’t played it really since college.
D20+5: This game is classic, and I can’t believe I have never played it before. Though, I take slight offense that all geeks are slackers…


What?: Pixel Lincoln
Who?: Mittens
Why?: We backed it on Kickstarter, and are just now getting around to playing it.
D20+5: It’s a deck builder, it’s a video game….it’s both… sort of.


What?: Food Fight!
Who?: Mittens
Why?: We had so much fun playing it on the 4th, we decided to play it again.
D20 + Dog: I played the dog, and the dog won. But why would you give a dog dinner mints? Wouldn’t that be bad for his tummy? Not as bad as chocolate…but still.


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