Gaming Journal: Week 23 (Hangout)

Games were played this week. Not all of them were a success, but games were played.

My son ended up with strep. In turn, I got it AGAIN. Thankfully, I was able to join my Monday group via Google Hangouts after my husband informed me of our son’s condition.

There was a game day in Mrs. Duncan’s class again this week. However, the kids were so excited about a project they were finishing, they had no attention span for more than a couple of rounds of Happy Birthday. I didn’t get any pictures, I was busy keeping the group interested.

Week 23 Pathfinder TCG

What was played: Pathfinder ACG
Who played it: Monday Group!
Why: We only have this session and one more until we are taking a summer break.
+1 rolls: My son was diagnosed with strep that morning, just minutes before I was supposed to leave (though I had already said my son felt lousy, and I wasn’t going to make it). A Google Hangout was started, and an additional phone was set up so I could see my hand. These guys rocked the Monday Morning gaming. Also, we passed the encounter.


Click on the first image for a full screen view, and scroll (with your mouse wheel) to see the full text for each gaming experience. Enjoy!


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