Gaming Journal: Week 22 (A Velociraptor Ate My Homework)

I was going to post this yesterday, wasn’t I. Oops.

This week I played games with over 50 people. If feels like some sort of record. Well, I played games with two different groups of 20, plus my normal gaming groups.

I visited two second grade classrooms with games. It has become a game in itself to work normal games into a game an entire class of 20 can play together. It’s a challenge, but the process was far smoother than I ever could have hoped for.

Since some parents and teachers from the classes I was in this week have shown interest in the games we played, I have included Amazon links at the bottom.

There were going to be two gaming sessions on Wednesday, but one fell through at the last-minute. I’m glad to have the opportunity though to play games with three different second grade classes this month before school lets out on the 20th.

Click on the first image for a full screen view, and scroll (with your mouse wheel) to see the full text for each gaming experience. Enjoy!

Games Played In the Classrooms:
Rory’s Story Cube Complete Set
Happy Birthday Board Game
20 Express Game


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