Gaming Journal: Week 18 (The Dark Side of a Geeky Weekend)

Sums up this weekend this picture does. Drew it Corvax* did.

Sums up this weekend this picture does. Drew it Corvax* did.

It’s Tuesday!


No journal this week. My daughter was seduced by the local virus which then turned into double ear infections (both middle and outer). Let’s put it this way: the last ear infection she had, she swore it didn’t hurt. There was just a “bubble in her ear.” This time, we had three days of flu like symptoms followed by two days of tears and throwing up.

Free Comic Book Day was missed, a Tae Kwon Do Tournament was missed, and a May the 4th party/birthday party were all crossed off the calendar so we could hunker down and help our little padawan recuperate. All of that sweet, sweet gaming time was seduced by the dark side… right off the calendar *tear.

I did finally write a review for Machine of Death over on GeekMom. Feel free to check that out.

What was played: Nothing
Who played it: No one, they were all infected or playing doctor
Why: Because it is allergy and a kick-butt end to flu season.
-1 germs rolls: One of the local schools had to close last Friday because of the Noro virus. My girl’s school also had quite a few absent, but not enough to close school. Yay.

*sick Vader drawn by Corvax, see more art on their site.


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