Gaming Journal: Week 14 (Celebrating International TableTop Day)

The weekly gaming photo journal is here for you to peruse — only a day late this week. This past weekend was International TableTop Day. We played…and then continued the next day to play a couple of games that were missed the day before.

This week I’m sharing my twitter feed of the past week’s gaming. With International TableTop Day, my feed went a little wild. We should be back to “normal” next week.

We used a projector to play 20 Express in a couple of classrooms. No kids shown for their protection. Image: Cathe Post

We used a projector to play 20 Express in a couple of classrooms. No kids shown for their protection. Image: Cathe Post

International TableTop Day was actually a multiple day event for my family. It started on Friday with playing 20 Express with two classes of 2nd graders (including my daughter’s class). It’s amazing to see the dynamic of learning types when forced to learn rules and play a game in under 30 minutes.

We started our TableTop Day with this:

The games I played are as follows, but there were so many more games happening besides the ones I was playing. We ended up with three generations playing. We had around a dozen adults and almost as many kids playing games throughout the day.

What was played: Sentinels of the Multiverse

Who played it: Couple from hubby’s work, and new friends we met through Twitter

+1 cards: I’m still not sure I understand how the villain works in this game, but it was still fun. It’s a co-operative card game which is a draw for me anyway. The flavor text was funny, the characters all did something different, I would play it again. Thank you to the Ray family for bringing it to try out.

What was played: Eggs and Empires

Who played it: Jonathan Liu and a friend from hubby’s work

+1 strategy: I played this game at GameStorm as well. It is very similar to Love Letter, but enough different to make it worth adding to our collection…eventually….once it is on Kickstarter.

What was played:Yard Master

Who played it: Jonathan and Tim (hubby)

+1 to excitement: This is easily the game that excited Tim and I the most at GameStorm, but are only now allowed to talk about it. This game is interesting enough to keep an adult’s attention but easy enough for preschoolers to play. There is a little flavor of UNO and a uniqueness that will make this game one that needs to be added to a gaming collection when it comes to Kickstarter.

What was played: Seasons

Who played it: Neighbor and her daughter

+1 collecting: We purchased this game around the last time we went to PAX. We haven’t really played it too much, and I don’t know why. It’s a light-to-heavy strategy game with replay value.

As we finished the day, I was reminded of my Pokemon mentor’s favorite saying:

We even joined up the next day with the neighbors to play Doodle Dice and Dixit Jinx so that those who missed out could get in a game. Man, they should make gaming conventions…oh, wait….


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