Gaming Journal: Week 9 (The Overhaul)

I am re-rolling my character sheet, as it were. This little journal started as a log for me to look back on at the end of the year, but is becoming a way for readers who stumble upon it to see if a game is something they would be interested in playing or purchasing.

What you will find as image attributes:

  • What was played
  • Who played it (and their ages)
  • Why the game was played
  • If the game went well or if there were problems

Some games I have played this year are beautiful, some are silly, and some come out of the game room multiple times a week because they are portable or the kids are addicted to them. Below the images each week, you will find a link to Board Game Geek (or another informational site) for more information on the game (if it is a board game) or to a similar site for video games. If someone on GeekMom or GeekDad has reviewed the game, I will also try to link to those. Last, I will give a link for purchasing the game if it sounds like one you would be interested in.

I am not going to review the games here. This is strictly a record of what I have played over the calendar year.


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