Gaming Journal: Week 7

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The Pathfinder group gets together with the help of Google Hangouts. Screen shot: Cathe Post

I use the term “snowed in” very loosely. In the Pacific Northwest, we don’t get snow very often; so when we do, we aren’t prepared for it (especially how to drive in it). We were fortunate to have food, games, and my husband’s computer so he could work from home so we could hide for the duration of the icy visit.

Week 7
Small World (Tabletop, played with friends, 2 hours) I love our neighbors. We have kids the same ages, like a lot of the same activities, and all really like board games. After three days of being locked inside due to a snowstorm, getting an impromptu invitation to run next door and play SmallWorld before dinner was a welcome break in trying to maintain the balance between keeping up with housework and not going crazy with cabin fever. When we got into the game, I thought I wasn’t doing very well. My husband kept having turns where he would earn 19-21 gold, and I was only earning 8-10. I thought others were doing well too, so I was surprised to come in 2nd at the end of the game. It was very close. For more about game play, go here.
Takenoko (Tabletop, played with friends, 1 hour) After the impromtu game of SmallWorld the day before, we actually planned to play board games the next day when we found out there wasn’t going to be school. Between the three of us who played, there was only a five point spread at the end.
King of Tokyo (Tabletop, played with friends, 2 hours) I always think of King of Tokyo as a “What kind of gamer are you” test. There are so many ways to play the game. You can be aggressive, defensive, or just sit back and quietly earn points without hurting anyone. I only bring this up now because recently it seems all of the ‘tweens I have played games with go straight for the throat (in any game, not just King of Tokyo). It was made very apparent in this game though as the other mom and I had a balance of attacks, points, and cards; while the eldest daugter was perfectly happy with her one over-powered 2 point cost card which allowed her to spend two energy to heal one point “whenever she wanted” because she could “use it at any time”. So she happily sat in Tokyo and healed (which you normally can’t do), and collected two victory points every turn from a very early point in the game…stinker. We finally had to tell her that she could only heal once per turn.
Get Bit (Tabletop, played with friends, 1 hours) This was kind of a little mom-milestone. The two moms and the eldest girl from next door were going to play, and then my son came out from playing with all of the girls (with the neighbors plus my daughter there are four girls from 5-8 years which can be a bit much for the 4-year-old boy after awhile) and decided he wanted to play. He is in the process of learning his numbers. I didn’t even really enforce “learning” when he sat down to play with us, I just let him choose his cards at random. He actually did very well. By the end of the first game, he came very close to winning. He has never sat down and played a game with us before. We have sat down with the intention of playing a game with him, of his choosing, but this is the first time he has been told he can jump into one of our games. I am so proud of him, even if it was all random card choices. If you are unfamiliar with the game, you can learn more about it on Board Game Geek.
HearthStone (PC, played alone and with husband, 2 hours +) I am stupid addicted to the beta for HearthStone. There are so many things to do, there’s no ganking, I just…you know what, you can read my review of the testing so far over on GeekMom.
Pathfinder TCG (Tabletop, played with friends, 3 hours)20140212_124808_resized Because of the snow and ice earlier in the week, we weren’t able to get together for our weekly game of Pathfinder. Instead, we had a “make-up” day and I joined in over Google Hangouts. It was an interesting scenerio. We had to run out the deck timer in order to finish the game. The object was to earn equal or more allies during the game than the bad guy (who on every turn gained 1d4 cards from the bottom of a location). I thought it was going to be difficult, but we lucked out and found a bunch of allies early.

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