Gaming Journal: Week 6

In the game of Minecraft. Image: Tim Post

In the game of Minecraft. Image: Tim Post

I’m excited. There are so many games coming up this month! This week was the calm before the storm both literally and figuratively. As you read this, our first major snow is falling for the first time in several years (we may get a couple of inches). There were also not that many games this week in an effort to not over-do it before the weeks ahead.

Week 6
Pathfinder ACG (Played with 4 friends, 3+ hours, tabletop) This week didn’t go down to the wire like our last mission. After our first round of turns, we were able to turn the timer back to “0” and we had already closed a location. By the end of the game, we had an entire round and a half of turns to ready ourselves to defeat the big bad boss. I am becoming frustrated with taking my son with me. He is becoming very comfortable with the group, so he tends to be a clown and demand attention and interrupt every few minutes of game play. He has a bag of stuff he only gets to play with when we are playing this game, but it doesn’t seem to be working. He also gets to play on a tablet for “free” for part of the time, and he still can’t help himself. It is frustrating.
PuzzleQuest Marvel (PC for about an hour, by myself) In the new way of things, this game is free to download. I am a HUGE fan of Puzzle Quest and Marvel so this should be the perfect game for me, right? Sort of. Mainly, I have to wonder when I am going to be asked to start plopping down money to continue further into the story or actually succeed at missions. So far it hasn’t been an issue, but I know it is coming.The art, banter, and story all meet my expectations for a game of this type. When I remember that I have this game, I have a lot of fun and lose track of time.The heroes all have special abilities based on a gem type. So, similar to the regular PQ games you can charge up abilities to use during battle. The difference is that you have multiple characters on your team who each have abilities instead of just one character.
Super Smash Bros. (Played with family, about an hour, Wii) My husband and I are getting frustrated around 18% of the way through story mode. I think drinks may be in order the next time we play. The kids continue to like Brawl mode. My son still falls off, but not as often as he used to.
Minecraft (Played with familiy, about an hour, PC) We had to blow the dust off of this one. My husband and I played quite a bit when the game was in beta testing before it was the it game with tons of marketing and toys. I even wrote an article about it for GeekMom.  So, right around the time we hit burnout level on the game, Minecraft became a popular game found on PCs and tablets everywhere. Hubby broke it out again on Peaceful/Survival mode. After we mined for awhile, the daughter jumped in and played for dad. We had a hard time finding coal, and we kept falling off of the top of the hill. We’ll have to see what happens next.

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