Gaming Journal: Week 4

I'm the Sheriff in BANG!

I’m the Sheriff in BANG!

We were fortunate enough to have a small get-together over MLK weekend so we could play games. I think the thing I am most proud of is the variety of games that were played over the weekend.

Week 4
Super Smash Bros. Brawl(Played with family, about an hour, Wii) My four-year-old is quickly picking up the basics of “smash buttons” to beat up his opponent. Granted, he has yet to win a battle, but considering how little we have played on the Wii until a couple of weeks ago, he is doing pretty well. I am having a hard time getting re-used to using the up arrow to jump instead of the 1 or 2 button. The almost-eight-year-old has picked it up really quickly. She easily beats me. Parenting win.
Got ‘Em (Played with family & friends, hour +, Tabletop)
Instead of being a game of "Got 'Em" It ended up being a game of "Go Get THEM!"

Instead of being a game of “Got ‘Em” It ended up being a game of “Go Get THEM!”

The last time I played this game it was the “new” game from Calliope. I forgot how much fun it was to play. It was actually a gift from Mr. Wehrs himself because somehow our Kickstarter order of Tsuro of the Seas hadn’t shipped. Anyway, I played through this game a couple of times. The game involves playing colored cards that allow you to put up one wall next to a colored block, and moving your pawn. The object is to be the last one who is not walled in. The first game was down to the last turn which is always fun. I seemed to get a lot of yellow cards which seriously hindered walling in my opponents, so I couldn’t have hoped for a much better outcome. The second game my MIL ganged up on me with my daughter. It ended up being the two of them at the end of the game. Another game was played after that, but I had moved on to BANG!


BANG! (Played with friends & family, about an hour, Tabletop) BANG! Reminded me a little bit of Werewolf. We played with four people so we had a renegade, two outlaws, and the Sheriff (me). Being the Sheriff meant that instead of my identity being secret, I had to reveal my identity to the group (which I thought would make me the prime target). If the Sheriff dies, the game ends. Even though there were  a lot of parts to the game play, it was a blast to play. I even won. I liked that the cards have dual purposes since they have abilities on them and a standard card number and suit. It was an interesting concept for a game. I would play it again.
Machine of Death (Played with 6 people, about an hour, Tabletop)
Wait we have to kill this guy, how?!

Wait we have to kill this guy, how?!

I won’t go into the details of the set up of this game here since I plan on reviewing it on GeekMom. But I will say it was a very interesting party game with an interesting use of imagination. The premise is that you and your friends are assassins who have to kill your mark in the way the Machine of Death has established the person would die. Your team is given four cards per mark with which to scheme a plan to get the desired end death result. It was rather interesting to see how people think when contemplating a plan to hatch someone’s demise. For instance, our first mark was Dr. Skye Dobson. He played the bassoon and only drinks coconut milk. His location was a line at Target. We had to hatch a plan to kill Dr. Dobson with free samples using: some kind of baby, something heavy, something only children believe in, and a space-faring object. The GM decided how likely it was we would succeed at our plan by giving us a minimum value to roll on a D6 as parts of our plan went into action. If we failed a roll, we had to think on the fly and get a new card to fit the plan. It was hard. We lost (we had to complete four assassinations with 20 cards, it came down to the last one and we couldn’t do it) But, it was still fun.

The World of Darkness
(Played with friends, 5 hours, RPG)
Continuing a campaign we started before Christmas, our characters James, Tabitha, and Sister Agatha (played by me) move to a retirement community to help an NPC from our previous chapter. I have to admit, my husband made a frustratingly fun story line. We had to stop playing right in what is probably the final battle to get kids to bed. I have no idea how we are going to beat the metal God we are battling, but it should be interesting to blow up a gear the size of our living room…if we live to get that far. If you have never played in the World of Darkness mechanic, it is an interesting animal. It uses only D10s and any 8s, 9s, and 10s rolled are successes. Everything else is failures. The skills and characteristics you pick determine how many dice you get to roll for skill checks you encounter. There is a nifty character sheet too.
Zooloretto Mini (Played with friends, about an hour, Tabletop)
Who will take the next truck?

Who will take the next truck?

It is funny how every time I play this game there is always one animal that nobody wants. It doesn’t matter how many players are playing. It was mainly adults playing this time, and it came down to basically playing for second place because one player had filled his zoo and only had one extra animal. He had an obscene amount of points.


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