Gaming Journal: Week 3

Ooga! players spear their dinos for dinner.

Ooga! players spear their dinos for dinner.

There is only one entry for the journal this week. Family illness and hectic schedules conflicted with “working”.

Still, I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about the little stuff that gets left off the journal. I sat in bed last night and realized that I don’t write down everything I play or help my kids with. I play Puzzles and Dragons and Bejeweled Blitz almost every day, and never write it down. I also help my daughter with Skylanders Swap Force from time-to-time and don’t write it down either. I guess I don’t think about how I pass time when I’m waiting for my daughter’s Tae Kwon Do to finish, or if I end up spending more time in the bathroom than I anticipated.

After that full disclosure, I will tease with what will probably be coming up next week: Machine of Death (since we will have enough people to finally play it), Angry Birds Go (the board game), and the continuing effort to go and replay video games I said I would review.

This is also an experiment. You may notice, for the past two weeks I have posted this journal on Saturdays. I am going to try and get it out on Fridays with the hope that it will spur readers to try some of these games over the weekend.

Week 3:

Ooga! (Played with family, about an hour, tabletop) A former co-worker from my TV days now works for Simply Fun. So, when she asked if I could give my opinion on this game as far as a game for adults, how could I say no? The game is listed for ages 6 and up. For the first time ever I actually agree with an age listing. With players needing to do multiple steps in order and have quick reflexes, being an older player helps. My four-year-old played. I found myself letting him get a tile occasionally so he could complete menus. He has the reasoning skills, but not necessarily the speed (or patience) to wait. My husband and I enjoyed the game enough to play it again when the kids ask to play it. My seven-year-old daughter really enjoyed it and immediately asked to play it again. On a silly note, I can see a bunch of adults playing this after the kids go to bed as a drinking game. I’m sure after a few shots aiming the suction-cup spear at the dinos would be humerous.

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