Gaming Journal: Week 2

Pathfinder ACG is back on after the winter holiday break.

Pathfinder ACG is back on after the winter holiday break.

Even though my husband was home for most of the first week of the year, the second week was much more eventful. With the second week of the year, family members took turns getting sick, and we had to cancel a couple of gaming sessions that would have made this week’s journal even longer.

I am excited that my starting this journal has inspired at least one other blogger to start her own journal. Check out This is the Future for another gaming journal by another geeky lady. I hope we can cheer each other on to continue our journals throughout the year.

So, since this week is so long, I won’t babble anymore, WEEK 2:

DREAD (Played with friends, for 5 hours off-and-on, tabletop)

I place the piece on top of the tower. The tower still stands! I succeed at the skill check and don't die an instant death.

I place the piece on top of the tower. The tower still stands! I succeed at the skill check and don’t die an instant death.

My husband concocted a fantasy/mystery one-shot role-playing story-line we could play with some friends of ours. If you are unfamiliar with the Dread mechanic, it uses Jenga blocks instead of dice. Does your character want to do something they might not be good at? Pull a brick and put it on top. If you knock the tower over accidentally, you fail and you die. If you knock the tower over intentionally, you succeed spectacularly, but still die. If you replace your block successfully, you live to pull another block. Our story lead the sons of the guard, blacksmith, and wood-carver on a journey to rescue their remaining parents, and the daughter of the Lord/Lady, from the Spider Queen. This little adventure lead us through conversations with “turnip people,” goblins, and the Spider Queen herself before we were able to successfully rescue the four individuals without knocking the tower over. It was fun, but I hate spiders. Think of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but with a hawt queen instead of Aragog but still all of the little spiderlings…and instead of sticky webs, their were metal wires. Not at all creepy.
Pathfinder ACG (Played with 4 friends, 3+ hours, tabletop) I am playing with a group of people Jonathan Liu from GeekDad put together. It has been a blast. We played through the standard set in the starter box, and the first two expansions. This week, we started expansion three: The Hook Mountain Massacre. It did not disappoint. We played down to the last few turns, hadn’t found Mammy Graul and were worried we were going to have to replay the scenario. Thankfully a candle was played that allowed us to add a few turns to the game. We almost immediately found Mammy, and found that we had to defeat her TWICE with almost no weapons, blessings, or anything. It came down to the last player taking his last turn where Jonathan’s character would either die or win the scenario. He defeated Mammy, so we are on to the next scenario in a few weeks. I have been playing the same character for the entire campaign: Lem, the Bard. The character has been surprisingly versatile. He doesn’t remind me at all of famous bards like the one from The Gamers who just has a stack of “new bards” so that eventually he can hide behind the stack of bodies. No. My bard is far more beefy.
Takenoko (Played with neighbors, an hour, tabletop) Since Tim received this game for Christmas, we have played it about a half-dozen times. I sat out this time and helped one of the other new players instead (since there could only be four players).  Of the neighbors, they scored: 23, 24, and 25. The player who spurred the end of the game by scoring her seventh card did not win the game. This is the second time this has happened. I predict it will happen many more times. I think it adds something to the game when the person who ends the game doesn’t necessarily win the game.
Roll For It (Played with neighbors, < than 30 minutes, tabletop) Yet another Christmas gift that has become a go-to game. Everyone picks up on it really quickly and you have to play for yourself. Tonight we discovered you really can’t “gang up” on any one player because you can’t control how you roll. I think it is part of what makes this game nice for a wide age-range of players.

Looking to next week: Machine of Death, Ooga!, the return of my Lizardmen, and some video games I promised to review.


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