Gaming Journal: Week 1

We own all of the games I played this week. So I was able to get a group photo. Image: Cathe Post

We own all of the games I played this week. So I was able to get a group photo. Image: Cathe Post

This week is the start of a new year. In writing for GeekMom, I thought, “Hey, I played all sorts of fun games this year, I should TOTALLY write a list for 2013. It will be easy!”

Well, that was almost true. A couple of games were easy to add to the list, others were almost forgotten, and some were completely left off the list because I hadn’t played them in months. I am going to try and remedy this by keeping a gaming journal so I can look back at the end of the year and know which games were my favorites versus which I would take a pass on in the future. This week I started keeping a list after I started playing games so this isn’t very detailed. I hope future weeks will have more detail.

Week 1
Game Notes
Takenoko(Played with friends, hour+, tabletop) My husband and I had played it once, and our friends had never played it. After frustrations of misreading what some of the point cards wanted us to do, the most frustrated player ended up winning. With lots of little bits, the kids kept trying to play with the pieces.
Small World Underground
(Played with family, took a couple of hours, tabletop)
With the extra elements this edition of Small World adds, it sometimes feels like too much, especially for players who are casual gamers at most. But, it was a ton of fun even though we should have stopped on round 6 when the kids needed to go to bed.
Roll For It! (Played with family, for less than an hour, tabletop) We played Roll For It a couple of times over the course of the day. It is such a nice, fast, game to fill gaps in the schedule of a party (or in our case an impromptu family New Year’s Eve party).
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Played with family, for about an hour, Wii) We discovered that our Wii is dying and ended up borrowing my parents Wii so we could play Super Smash Bros, which my son had received for Christmas. We only get to use the Wii for a month, but in the meantime, we can unlock some stuff and mash some buttons–maybe even teach the 4-year-old how to play 🙂

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