2012 Resolutions Revisited

Last year I came up with a goal for every year I’ve been alive knowing that I wouldn’t complete all of them. Let’s see how I did:


  1. Work on getting in shape – I found Fitocracy to take away from the time that I would workout, so I stopped using it. We don’t eat out so every ingredient of every meal needed to be put into the system. I would be sitting at the computer for over an hour just keeping track of what I ate – it didn’t work. But, up until before Thanksgiving I was doing crunches every morning.
  2. Watch less TV – We got rid of Netflix for almost the entire year. We switched to Amazon Prime, and I did listen to more books and watch less TV.
  3. Read More – I listened to at least two books a month during 2012. I am happy to know that I listened to the Hunger Games Trilogy before seeing the first movie. That is the first time I can say that.
  4. Learn an activity with my daughter – This almost didn’t happen. At the end of the year we took a couple of ornament making classes together. We learned how to bead at the same time.
  5. Earn my Tournament Organizer’s title for Pokémon – I did this! I even ran a tournament….and then I quit Pokemon. My daughter started Tai Kwon Do and started taking an interest in other games. Pokemon was a memorable year-and-a-half though.
  6. Drink water – I haven’t been drinking water straight. The compromise has been to not drink soda (we make Italian sodas which are much cheaper and you can control the sugar). But I have been drinking between three and five 12oz mugs of tea a day.
  7. GeekMom – I didn’t do 125% but I was very close. I averaged 4.75 articles a month.
  8. Pre-school – I have the first two weeks of lesson plans ready for starting on Wednesday.
  9. Eat more veggies – Since my daughter chose to take a lunch with her this year instead of get the school lunch, we were forced to have more healthy snack choices.
  10. Ride my bike – Tai Kwon Do is a ten minute bike ride from my house. My bike was used more during the summer of 2012 than it had been used in several years.
  11. Edit out the virtual garbage – Done! Though, it needs to be done again. I need to get my label list up to date. We also tried using fewer services this year. We canceled Costco, but went to Target more. We canceled Netflix, but got Amazon Prime. We also picked up Audible. We are making more changes for this year.
  12. Make headway in the yard – We made headway in that the yard is weeded and the fruit trees have been taken to recycling and are not in a heap anymore. So, we are caught up, maybe this spring we can gain some ground.
  13. Pet the cats – How could I not?
  14. ADHD – After two medications we found a balance for our gifted daughter. Also found it may not be ADHD but “Non-Verbal Learning Disorder” which doesn’t fully present until fourth or fifth grade. One book I actually READ last year was about NVLD and other spectrum disorders.
  15. Remain close to my parents – I am.
  16. Have a cemented financial plan – Still working on this, but we have made progress. Unfortunately, it’s going to be 2014 before this is cemented.
  17. Learn how to fix one thing – I learned how to bead, used that knowledge to fix one article of clothing. Yay!
  18. Attempt to potty train – Not only did we attempt, but he was fully trained by mid-August, two-and-a-half months before he turned three! No more diapers or Pull-ups in this house!
  19. Brush up on my sign language – An old hearing impaired friend came over for dinner and helped me work with my kids.
  20. Make one item out of one of my craft books – I didn’t make something from a book, but did something even better. I am 1/3 of the way complete with a T-shirt quilt containing close to 50 shirts from Washington State University. All of those shirts have been stored in the garage for nine years. It’s a big accomplishment for me.
  21. Vote – Voted. But I don’t know that it did any good.

Did Not Pass:

  1. Keep up with my blog – My goal for this year will find a purpose for the blog. After quitting Pokemon, there was no reason to keep up with it.
  2. Social Butterfly –  PinterestFacebookTwitterGoodreads and Google + is too many things to keep up with when there is a little one at home. I find Twitter and Pinterest to be the best tools for me, and Facebook the easiest to keep up with. Google + and Goodreads have been pretty much forgotten.
  3. Keep up with Phineas and Ferb this summer – After finding that my daughter isn’t in the mind set for a set summer calendar, we are just going to use a Pinterest board this summer and pick projects off that when we feel the need.
  4. Learn at least one more of my husband’s miniature games – I played Warhammer Fantasy with my husband for a year. It was great fun. But, I played the season, won the tournament (and a really cool sword) and left it at that. So now I should catch up and learn Blood BowlHell Dorado, and Dystopian Wars.
  5. Have one crop thrive – Lesson learned: A crop can’t thrive if you don’t plant it.
  6. Go back to church – Uh…I have at least figured out where I want to go to church.
  7. Run a D&D campaign – I guess I have no real desire to do this.
  8. Add to my client base – I did try, in passing, to do this. Again, it wasn’t a priority.
  9. Do one Arduino project – I think when the kids are a little older, this will make it back on the bucket list, but for now, it isn’t.
  10. Enter one photography show – I didn’t take enough pictures of my own kids let alone any nice photographs so no shows were entered.
  11. Write a book with my daughter – She likes the show Written by a Kid on YouTube. But she hates to write, so we haven’t done anything with this.
  12. Start a video podcast – The hubby and I still enjoy watching Hank and Katherine Play Super Mario Brothers Wii! on YouTube. I haven’t found a way to do a game vlog without purchasing expensive editing software.
  13. Date – What’s a date? Every time we try to go to one of his concerts I get sick or the kids are sick. Why bother?

I completed over half of the list for last year. Seeing the results has effected what I want to accomplish this year.


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