Summer Science is Starting Early…

Our family amphibian and reptile binder.

Our family had talked about purchasing a reptile to observe over the summer and learn about while gaining yet another family pet. Since we are only a couple of months away from the end of the school year, we have been gathering flyers from pet stores and compiling them in a binder so we can make an informed decision.

Then, a friend from Pokémon league said she had a bunch of salamander and frog eggs and offered some to us. How could I pass up showing the kids the miracle that is frog metamorphosis! So, here we are. The salamanders don’t look like they are doing so well, but this morning we had a surprise with the tadpoles…

I had noticed last night before I went to bed there were little things which had sunk to the bottom of the frog container. Considering the luck we’ve had with the salamanders, I guessed they were dead tadpoles. This morning instead of one or two, there were closer to a dozen sunken eggs. A cat jumped onto the table we are keeping the eggs on and all the little tadpoles wiggled! Then I noticed one had wiggled its way up to the surface. Wow! I am super excited to see how they progress.


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