How do you sanitize a TCG Card?…

I must preface this. I love my children. I would do ANYTHING for my children. When they pull stunts like they have today, it’s very hard to like the day. Keep in mind, it is only 10 in the morning.

My almost-two-year-old son started the day at 6:45 with a poopy diaper – and I mean FULL. It was so full, he decided he needed to try and take care of it himself…all over his bedroom. My husband and I have had this happen before, and can’t WAIT for him to be ready to be potty trained so this hell can be behind us. But today I am supposed to continue my to-do list for PAX (which we are leaving for tomorrow). Instead, I’m sani-wiping and scrubbing down a bedroom.

Okay. I can deal with this. It just throws off the day a little.

Enter 5-year-old daughter (VIP) who knows how to tattle on her brother. I sat the two of them down with large snacks at the kitchen table so I could continue shoveling…well…you know. They devoured their snack and found more trouble. My son pried his way behind the child-gate to my nicely sorted and organized stack of 300+ Pokémon cards that just need to be put in a binder. Being almost two, MVP thought these would be fun to throw all over the floor…in front of the kitty litter boxes…and INTO the kitty litter boxes. He must have thought it was pretty cool how far they flew because I could hear him laughing over JoCo blaring from the same room he was in. VIP was laughing too, instead of coming to get me (which you think she would have had a problem with him playing the Pokémon cards since she plays with them too).

Anyway, that was more than I could handle in one AM. MVP’s room is clean now except for the carpet.

Deep breaths have been taken, and venting to my wonderful reading audience has commenced.

So, do you know how to sanitize a Pokémon card? I would really like to know if you do…


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