PAX Prime Schedule Announced

The PAX Prime Schedule has been announced! I’m super-duper-uber-bananafana-fofur (end Munchkin reference)excited to be PART of the schedule.

Geek Parenting
Pegasus Theatre
Sunday 10:00am – 11:30am
What’s the right age to introduce your kids to The Hobbit? RPGs? Xbox Live?How can you help your kids with the bullying and name-calling that sometimes comes with being a nerd or geek?

How will YOU deal with the first time your kid frags you?

These, and many other questions will be answered by the Geek Parenting panel, made up of geeky parents, including New York Times bestselling author Ken Denmead, editors and writers from and, Asha Dornfest of, and Rael Dornfest, UX engineer at Twitter.

Panelists include: Cathe Post [Core Contributor,], Rael Dornfest [UX Designer,], Asha Dornfest [Owner/Editor,], Ken Denmead [Publisher,], Dave Banks [Core Contributor,], Jonathan Liu [Core Contributor,], Curtis Silver [Core Contributor,]
Other panels I’m excited for (though realistically I will not be able to attend all due to minions) are:

The Art of the Table: GMing Beyond the Basics

Wil Wheaton!

Musical Guests Panel

Can Mommy & Daddy Come Over to Play? – The Truth About Being a Gamer Parent

JourneyQuest/Dorkness Rising Panel

Acquisitions, Inc: The Last Will and Testament of James Darkmagic

…and the Friday night and Saturday night concerts!

What parts of PAX are you excited to see?


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