“Hey Ferb, I Know What We’re Going To Do Today!”

 Since the dates are not day specific, the calendar can be used every year. The boxes are a nice size, so I have been able to add school and public library book nights, and many other activities. This calendar has been a major highlight of the summer.

June 22, 2011

There are not 104 days in my daughter’s summer vacation. And, she certainly does not think that school comes along just to end it. As a parent, I dread the inevitable, “What are we going to do today, I’m bored!” from my kids. ThePhineas and Ferb 104 Days of Summer calendar has already been worth the price of paper.

The calendar is printed on to six sheets of paper that you cut and assemble. Every few days there is an activity listed to try, and there are many more suggestions at the bottom of the calendar. Grandparents have also talked about nature outings and museum trips that have been added to the calendar. To fill in, I purchased a Pet TornadoTriassic Triops(because of the They Might Be Giants song), a OWI Frightened Grasshopper Kit – Solar Powered, and Fascinations Magic Garden Crystal Wish Flower. The combination of events has done an adequate job of filling the calendar with fun activities.

The activity today was to draw a map to a treasure and have someone follow the map to a treasure (the activity was listed on the bottom of the calendar). VIP drew a fairly accurate depiction of our backyard. She then hid a ball in the backyard, put an “X” on the map, and gave me the map to find the ball. For being a 5 year old, she did a decent job. The ball was located in the area of the map, even if it wasn’t where she drew her first “X”…or her second…or really her third (spatial reasoning is hard). She really got a kick out of watching me follow her map. If you want a more detailed idea of how to do a treasure hunt, view Laura Grace Weldon’s article about how to cure cabin fever.

I think the real treasure of the activity was VIP finding a baby tree frog in the grass. It hopped into her hand and sat patiently while I took a couple of quick photos. I’m glad my daughter is a chip off the old block, she wasn’t squeamish in the least that the frog was a little slimy, and frequently commented on the frog’s cuteness.

As the summer progresses I know we will have a blast completing the activities. There will be no question of, “What are we going to do today?” And to end the summer, another activity from the bottom of the calendar is to make a photo book. We are going to make a book of her summer calendar activities.

What activities would you add?  Would you be as crazy as Phineas and Ferb? VisitGeekDad’s recent article about upcoming Phineas and Ferb events.


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