Rugged = Childproof

The new phone has already proved to be worth the trouble. It’s been chewed on and dropped, and still works just fine. I am actually finding I prefer the way the phone part of the Casio work over how the HTC did.

May 31, 2011

Several weeks ago, my HTC Droid Incredible started saying I was out of storage space. After I took a look at it and found I still had a TON of space, my husband also investigated and was unable to do more than confirm there was plenty of space on my phone.


Then, a couple of weeks ago, right in the middle of a family emergency, my phone threw a total classic toddler temper tantrum. I pulled it up as I do every morning to check my email and was practically screamed at for having no storage space. Then, none of the programs would open. So, I tried rebooting the phone. This sent the OS into an unrecoverable coma, looping the startup  and rubbing it in my face by repeating “DROID” “DROID” “DROID” over and over again.

“WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!” I exclaimed to my husband, as he ate his morning Lucky Charms and caught up on the Warhammerforum posts at the family computer. He calmly took the phone and looked it over. After working on it for fifteen minutes, he pronounced it DOA at 6:30 AM.

“You’ll have to replace it,” he told me (well, duh). “Take it over to Verizon, it should still be under warranty. We have only had these phones about a year.”

It might be important to note at this point that I have been with Verizon since 1999, and my husband since 2002. We have had very good luck with them in areas that other companies have failed to cover (like Pullman, Washington). It might also be important to note that since 2002, one of my husband’s phones threw itself into a toilet, and another was sacrificed in the pocket of swim trunks when he followed our daughter into a swimming pool. Both phones were replaced – no questions asked.

So, I walked into our local Verizon store with my phone in hand. I did not like the outcome of the visit.

“This sounds like water damage,” the guy told me.

“I don’t even leave my phone in the bathroom while I shower,” I replied.

“Well, it’s water damage,” he told me as he pointed to a little sticker, half the size of a pencil eraser, above where my battery sits. “This sticker has been damaged by water, so it got wet somewhere. Warranty’s do not cover water damage.”

As Nixon’s head would say on Futurama, “Oh, expletive deleted!”

I put the most fake genuine smile on my face I could muster under the circumstances, thanked the retail assoiciate for his time, and left the store feeling naked, rejected, unplugged, and disconnected. I figured there was no reason to get another smartphone if it was just going to mysteriously collect liquids. Thankfully, I am married to someone who likes reading about new tech products. He happily sat down and read reviews for about 10 phones (some smart, some not so smart) and came up with a winner. The Casio GZ’one Commando – the manliest manly phone to ever be produced (Seriously, this phone comes with NFL for Android)!

This “rugged” phone was not chosen for it’s ability to get me to any point on the planet with it’s programmable compass (though since I have a worse sense of direction than a dizzy wombat, this might be a useful app), or because of the astronomy charts (though cool), or the tide calendar.

The phone was chosen because having a 1.5 year old son and a 5 year old daughter is like putting your phone through an episode of Survivorman on a daily basis. The Commando is water resistant up to a meter for thirty minutes and has a thicker screen than most phones so it is harder to break,  all qualities I apparently need in a phone – since the only reason we could come up with for the water damage was that my son had stuck it in his mouth.

Now that I have had the phone for a couple of weeks I can say it has been in contact with water twice and been dropped once. It still works fine. Thank you Casio.


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