Post Family Poets Take Over The Computer…

April Fools! I need to work on my poetry. I don’t think I had written poetry since college. It’s sad because I used to write poetry all of the time when I was in grade school. But in combination with this post Storm’s cat was photographed in a beer box, in a fridge. I have started writing a parody of “I’m the Man In the Box” by Alice in Chains.


A limerick by Zoot:

There once was a sneaky cat

her talent was simply that

she played the cute card

and sang like a bard

to show that she caught a rat

A Haiku by Jack:

Toys are so much fun

My human girl likes toys too

Batting them around

A limerick by Tiger:

I am a lazy cat

My owners can verify that

As long as there’s food

I’ll be in a good mood

and not leave a surprise in their hat

A Haiku by Echo:

I take some abuse

along with all of the love

It is SO worth it


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