PAX Prime GeekDad Panel

I'm JoCo crazy @PAX 2009

PAX Prime is August 26-28 in Seattle, Washington. Tim and I went to PAX in 2009 and had an awesome time just as convention goers. This year proves to be an even more awesome experience as I am much more into gaming then I was two years ago – and writing for GeekMom has provided an invitation on to the GeekDad parenting panel.

I have part of my outfit together for the weekend (Let’s say the top half is complete and the bottom half needs to be made and purchased). If you are a Pokémon fan, you will approve though. You can see my favorite accessory by Marsbarn here.

I am SUPER excited to be on the GeekDad parenting panel. Here is a list of the people who are going to be on the panel, and who they represent:

Ken Denmead– Moderator

Tim playing Beatles Rock Band @ PAX 2009

Asha Dornfest (

Rael Dornfest (

Dave Banks (

Cathe Post (

Michael Venables (

Jonathan Liu (

I look forward to seeing you at PAX!


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