A Yard to Call Our Own…


…For fun, games and imagination.
Last year, we had reasonable results with a single raised garden and several pots. For a first attempt at gardening, it is unbelievable that we didn’t have a black thumb.
After a long, wet, winter and spring (that was basically skipped over), we are now ready to complete our long list of yard and garden wishes…
…*insert massive hysterical laughter here*…
Let me at this point stress again that our winter was long and wet. When we came back from Maker Faire, we found the weeds and grass had completely taken over our so called “yard” and turned it into an allergen filled jungle.
My husband and I quickly came to the shared conclusion that realistically, we are not going to have a garden this summer (except for a couple of things that surprisingly survived through from last year and a couple of things we purchased last month). Instead, we are going to concentrate on making our yard a place we want to have a garden.
The first step was putting together the play set that Yaya and B-Pa generously gave the kids. It has only been up a couple of days and is already a huge hit. Now we have to hit the hard parts…
I hope to work out in the yard at least three nights a week for 30-60 minutes and then share the progress here. I am doing this in hope that at the end of the summer, if our list of wishes is not complete, at least there will be a journal reflecting some progress.

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