Now You Can Make R2D2 Look Good… on the Beach


I’m a big Star Wars geek. Clothing and accessories catch my eye, no matter how much I claim to be ‘non-girly’ or a ‘tomboy’. Considering VIP (my oldest 5-yr-old daughter) is very much into swimming, I would gladly wear this to family swimming.Though, at $85 I think the suit would be framed art in my house though, and never taken into damaging chlorine.

October 28, 2010

R2D2 swimsuit is geeky and gorgeous. Photo from

I don’t know about your husband, but mine will do just about anything to see me in a swimsuit. So, when my husband instant messaged me a link to this R2D2 swimsuit sold by Black Milk (found via ThinkGeek), he knew he might tempt me. The suit is one piece, which makes me happy since I have two kids worth of stretch marks and surgery scars to hide. The suit is a tad out of my price range at $85, but is just one item in a long line of high end geeky Star Wars merchandise. Who knew geek was so chic?


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