Diary Entry: Thursday


TIME: After Lunch
Total time: .5 hour

What happens while you are playing?
My daughter and I played this game that came in her fast food kids meal. We ended up not really playing the game but noting the little scenes in each card (each card was a mini “Where’s Waldo” puzzle). I think she ended up winning but neither of us cared who won when we put the game away.
What do you feel while you play?
I was a little giddy while playing. Playing with my daughter’s toys and games gives me an excuse to act like a kid again.

TIME: Off and on all day
Total time: .5 hour

What happens while you are playing?
My husband and I have Android phones that you can get apps for. One of the apps he has been using is a game called Wordfeud that is basically Scrabble. He didn’t know anyone else who played it so he had been playing miscellaneous strangers. It’s a free game, so I installed it to play with him. There is no time limit so when you have time you can take your turn. We haven’t finished the first game yet because it was a work day, but he’s already beating me by about a hundred points.
What do you feel while you play?
Dumb. I feel dumb. I am getting my butt handed to me even though I’m using a website that looks up words for Scrabble. I need a bigger vocabulary I guess…He’s just really good at word games and is a gracious winner.


TIME: After Dinner
Total time: 1.5 hour

What happens while you are playing?
We had a co-worker over for dinner and to play the role-playing game Fiasco. After dinner we put the kids to bed and were able to finish a game. Since there are two “acts” in the game, we took an “intermission” to have some dessert. We had no interruptions and really enjoyed playing the “Touring Rockband” scenario.

What do you feel while you play?
This was adult time…Yay! Along with getting a brain workout I was able to call on my acting training (My character was Stevey: A drugged ditz who will sleep with any guy once and keeps tract of her conquests by their foot size.) to play a strange character. Because this is more of an impromptu acting exercise than a game with actual “winners” and “losers” it felt weir d to let loose and be comfortable playing a character that is NOTHING like myself.


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